Perils of PDFs

PDFs Are Not Mobile Friendly

PDF files are great for distributing content that needs to be printed in a pre-defined format, a poster that fits on a certain paper stock for instance, but people are reading on all kinds of devices these days, and paper is really the least common medium. They have their function, but over the past quarter-century, HTML with styling from CSS has become the format of choice for delivering text and image layouts. It universally accommodates printing, displaying on phones, displaying on tablets and displaying on HDMI screens of any size.

Automating Printing While Improving Site SEO

Knock on wood, but we will always have paper. No matter how much we want to go digital, be online, and be mobile, there is always a desire to print, and with printing, 2 things come to mind, PDF files and QR codes.

Spring your website into 2018

That Subway Rider Going to Work

Think for a moment of those folks, standing on a platform or crowded onto a trolly car while looking at your website on their phone. Can you picture it? That's your audience.

Improve SEO

Using A Samsung 360 camera

Hey Mark,

Congratulations on finishing The Shiraz refit, or at least on making enough progress with it to have a comfortable voyage to Key West. And, thanks so much for agreeing to take a Samsung 360 camera with you. It's a very simple and basic functioning device, but the photosphere images it delivers can be outstanding, and adding them to a web page so they can be seen on anything from a phone to VR goggles is very simple.

Step one is learning the settings on the thing, and step 2 is taking the pictures with it. So here's the skinny.

North Conway's 5 Top Social Networks (Google Is Far From Placing)

Facebook -  215 million US users

YouTube - 187 million

Instagram - 75 million

Twitter - 68 million

SnapChat - 60 million




Google Plus - 7 million


Aerial Photography In the Mount Washinghton Valley


The best way to show an overview of your business.

  • Over Two Years of Unmanned Aircraft Piloting Experience.
  • A Safe aerial solution without expensive gas costs
  • Licensed Under FAA Part 107 for commercial photography
  • Video editing services for a polished final product
  • We follow every safety regulation for operating UAS under Federal, State and Regional authority


Top 5 Websites for Law Practices in 2017

Goldberg, Scudieri & Lindenberg, P.C.

Over the past 2 years a revolution has quietly been changing the way people look at online content: everyone is looking at web pages with their phones first. "Mobile First" is the theme among front end web developers in 2017, and it's accommodating the necessity of readers on subways, elevators and street corners; but it still hasn't reached the awareness of too many ad firms that create the online spaces for successful businesses.

Bootstrapped Web Design Through Drupal

Your homepage is like the cover-jacket to a best selling novel. If it doesn't deliver a quick, high impact message about your business then you've lost your audience before you even had a chance to tell them what's inside. In the Internet web-scape this has become a little tricky because there is no longer a standard screen size, or screen-size ratio for a layout to a home page, or for that matter, any page on your site, but you can count on most visitors getting their first peak at your site from a smartphone.

Page-A-Day date format in CSS

Page-a-day formats are great for putting the emphasis of a date onto the day of the week and month, ahead of the actual month and year.  This works well for dates that are in the relatively near future rather than for drastic historical purposes, since those components of the date are more easily assumed by the reader.

Community Center Gets a New Site

Close to 90% of people in our Valley use smartphone`s as their primary means for looking at web pages. North Conway Community Center`s (NCCC) new website is responsive to this reality and gives  the community an attractive space on the internet to keep up with everything that is going on through the NCCC.