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Sun - 26th
6:00am Rec Weekly
6:30am Lost in Movies
7:00am Couch Potatoes
8:00am Lets Move
8:30am Rise and Shine
9:00am Charity Chatter
9:30am Harvest Hills
10:00am Left & Right
12:00pm Fryeburg programming
5:00pm Jackson programming
7:00pm TBA
Mon - 27th
6:00am  North Conway Water Precinct (3/22)
6:30am  Conway Planning Board (3/23)
8:00am Lets Move
8:30am Rise and Shine
9:00am 2017 Valley Mr. Pageant
10:00am Fly Tying 101
12:00pm Rec Weekly
12:30pm Meet the Chefs
1:00pm Left & Right
3:00pm Lost in Movies
3:30pm Couch Potatoes
5:00pm Harvest Hills
5:30pm Charity Chatter
6:00pm Left & Right
7:00pm WWII Memories
8:00pm WWII Memories
9:00pm North Conway Water Precinct (3/22)
9:30pm Conway Planning Board (3/23)
Tue - 28th
6:00am Conway Planning Board (3/23)
6:30am North Conway Water Precinct (3/22)
8:00am Lets Move
8:30am Rise and Shine
9:00am Lost in Movies
9:00am Couch Potatoes
12:00pm WWII Memories
1:00pm WWII Memories
2:55pm Charity Chatter
3:25pm Harvest Hills
3:55pm Seacoast Wind Ensemble
5:00pm Rec Weekly
5:30pm Meet the Chefs
6:00pm Left & Right
7:00pm Pawprints
7:30pm Kennett Drumline
9:15pm Conway Planning Board (3/23)
9:45pm North Conway Water Precinct (3/22)